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OverviewTaken from the new roundabout this shows the relative locations of the site and the accommodation.
New BridgesThis shows the new bridges built as part of the link road project. The canal will pass under the bridge in the middle distance and then use the right-hand span of the bridge in the far distance.
Site from bridgeThis shows the site layout and the length of wall built.
Staveley Tea HutThis is the new bridge on Hall Lane which was used as shelter during breaks as the gazebo was not usable due to the strong winds.
AccomodationView of the kitchen and dining side of the accommodation from on site.
First Wall SectionThe section nearest the bridge.
Third SectionThis is the third section and the last with more than one course.
Nearly, but not quiteDue to the kink at this point the final block here will need shortening.
Final SectionsThe final Sections of the wall, furthest from the bridge.
Proof the wall worksShowing how the wall is retaining water. Shame it's on the wrong side.
Site AccessThis is the end of the main access track. The slope down to the wall area is about 45 degrees.
Marina SiteSite of Staveley Town Marina. Work starts September 2010 and it's due to open by 2012. A new lock will be built just before the far bridge.
Who Cracked ThisThis is on the roundabout where a group member parked. What was in his car?
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