Martyn Claphams Rocketry Page

Welcome to my rocketry page

I visited the International Rocketry Week event at Largs, Scotland
on the 28th to 31st August 1998.

While there I was persuaded to purchase an Estes rocket kit, having built and flown it
I am now definitely hooked.

Unfortunately the film containing a picture of my rocket on the launch-pad is still in
the camera. I will put the picture on here as soon as I can.

Some of the pictures I took are on here and the other pictures will be added shortly.

A friend of mine ( Adrian Hurt ) has kindly allowed me to use some of his pictures on here.
The descriptions are my own work, therefore any corrections or additional information should
be sent to me and not Adrian.

As this section is still under construction, some images do not have full descriptions and
the directory / page structure is liable to change.

Although I am a member of the UK Rocketry Association ( #1050 ), this site is not connected
with them in any way.

Adrians pictures
My pictures

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